Monday, May 14, 2012

Five years after...

I've been feeling a little sentimental lately, and missing the laid lack life (that was post-college), so I decided to check on this blog since most posts here are circa '07-'08 (graduation and unemployed year). I realized I was right all along five years ago about the corporate world. I knew it's repulsive, and never gave me that feeling of fulfillment. Maybe it's this negative mindset that's been hindering me from growing, and becoming more successful. 5 years after, I am still doing my masters, and working hard on my thesis after a very public rejection almost a year ago.

I missed writing, and it's good that I have documented all my thoughts to remind my adult self of the dreams I had when I started working in the real world. This young, eager to prove herself kind of girl who I don't want to disappoint will be my inspiration from now on. Don't worry, young Anne, this year will definitely be a remarkable, game-changing one. 

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