Thursday, August 28, 2008


i haven't been doing much introspection lately and i believe i'm losing my sense of stability (yet) again. i've been trudging along for the past few months and i find myself eternally restless, always itching to be somewhere else, doing something else. if you really know me, you'd know how i love to push people away from me when i am down and on my way to self-destruction. i'm sad and i think it's getting worse by the day until i finally settle into something new. i have been (scorched-ly) burned by my current corporate life and know my heart isn't into this anymore.

i'm confused and lonely and unhappy and bottom line is, it's just really all my fault.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

first office post!

wuhaw, my first office post indeed! still sabaw and sleepy - if i could have my way i'd stay home and read my books instead. i'm hitting one year here at the bank in about a week from now and oh boy, i wish i could boast of accumulating wealth over the past year of restless (and aimless) toiling but NO - hard earned cash all went to my useless expenses! having learned my lesson, i promise to take good care of my finances from now on. everything should be meticulously calculated and every new purchase should be carefully contemplated on (if it's a necessity or just a whim). i'll make sure that by the end of this year, i'd be able to add more to my savings!

(edit: wow i write like a grade schooler at the office. HAHAH)