Sunday, October 19, 2008


there is nothing that makes me happier now than lying down next to you or having a good laugh over a bottle of wine with you. i love, love you and i never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

random bits

  • i skipped work today because migraine hit me again and i thought i needed a full day rest. i can't miss class tonight though, we're gearing up for the finals next week and i need inputs to rev up my ass to study finance. ugh.
  • i'm downloading wall-e through utorrent but my internet connection keeps going haywire every 15minutes. something about the network configuration/speed limit that my smart ass brain couldn't figure out.
  • i really miss the arts. i miss being surrounded by intelligent people who can lift me up from this dreary and boring world. i miss those passionate people who are just so much into appreciating the philosophy of life and not the shallow, material things that pervade in the corporate world. i miss my ateneo teachers and jesuits who had so much influence and effect on me in terms of looking at life at a broader and mature perspective. i don't know how people stay sane while doing corporate work because for me it's just a bit of a struggle. i usually find myself being pulled into one direction for a time only to realize that i need a sort of balance once again.
  • something is wrong in my life now and for some weird reason, i couldn't pinpoint it or even articulate it to myself. i feel like there's something lacking in my life albeit the stable job and the multiple things i do now. i've been thinking about it long and hard and i think i just need a break from work. work never gets fulfilling no matter how hard i try and make it look like 'good enough for now.' at least i'm still sticking it out and doing the best i can!
  • edit: finished downloading so i can watch na! hooray! =)